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In a statement by Iraqi foreign ministry, both sides discussed the possibility of increasing trade exchange and investments.


On the other hand, he pointed out, in a TV interview, that there is "a secret state" that is working to threaten all components of the Iraqi state.


The electricity crisis dated back to 1990s due to UN sanctions and the destruction of electricity installations due to continued wars.


Secretary General Mehdi al-Alaq pointed that this project is one of the "sovereign projects " in the country.


Reports were circulated that some companies had contracts with the US embassy to build thousands of housing units.

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Iraqi and Egyptian Oil Agreement to start April 2017

'The sources added that the talks on the agreement were finalized with Iraqi oil ministry and Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), except some procedures to start the shipments. '

Kurdistan Announces 500 Megawatt Power Plant in Sulaimaniya Province

'The directorate reported that the Kurdish Cabinet approved building the station, which shall be operated by gas.'

Statement by Iraqi Ministry of Oil Announces Oil Exports Reached 3.869 Million Tons Daily in February

'In a statement, added that the average of southern and northern oil exports reached to 3.869 million tons daily. '

Premier Oil Announces 'Successfully Exiting' Holdings in Iraq

'In 2012, Premier Oil was awarded a 40% stake in Block 12 '

Iraqi Transport Minister Kadhim al Hamami Announces First Flight From Nassiriya to Arbil

'He added that the flight was made to assist Iraqis to exchange visits during the Kurdish festivals of Nourowz. '

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