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Tender for the Provision of Internet Bandwidth to UNAMI and UNITAD Offices in Iraq

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E# unami-eoi@un.org

1.0 The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq “UNAMI” and United Nations Investigative Team to
Promote Accountability for the Crimes committed by Da’esh/ISIL” UNITAD” require Internet Bandwidth
Services to its offices located in Diwan compound, Baghdad and the UNAMI office in Mosul, Iraq. with the
initial contract of 1 year and a possible extension for two more years (one year-at-a-time), availability of
funds and satisfactory performance by the prospective contractor(s).
2.0 UNAMI intends to enter non-exclusive Internet Services Contract(s) starting from 1 December 2022 to
secure the provision of recurring Internet Services at UN compounds in the Baghdad International Zone (IZ)
and its offices in Mosul. The contract(s) will be for an initial term of one year, with optional two extension
periods of one year each subject to satisfactory performance by the Contractor(s), extension of UN mandate
in Iraq and availability of funds to cover the requirement.
3.0 The Services will be rendered to UNAMI/UNITAD Head Quarters (HQ) in Baghdad IZ and UNAMI offices
in Mosul and will be invoiced every month.
4.0 The proposer should quote for capacity for each location as follows

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