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Tender for Disarmament research services as part of MEAC project for UNIDIR in Iraq

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United Nations Office at Geneva
E# claudia.corigliano@un.org

UNOG, on behalf of the The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), is seeking a contractor to provide research services as part of the Managing Exits from Armed Conflict (MEAC) project and the programme named "Developing a knowledge base around the return and reintegration process in Iraq". 

This is a requirement that will lead to a three-year contract (2023-2026). 

The requirement is as follows: 

Under the supervision of the MEAC Lead and in close collaboration with the MEAC Senior Researcher, the specialized institution is expected to conduct surveys among various populations as follows: 

a) Programme and test the survey in SurveyCTO (mobile data collection platform) 

b) Recruit, hire, train, supervise, equip and facilitate payments for teams of enumerators to run the survey .

c) Coordinate with the MEAC team on the enumerator training to ensure understanding of the goal of the survey, principles that inform it, etc. 

d) Coordinate with MEAC team to ensure proper permissions are in place for the enumerator teams, 

e) Monitor enumerators during data collection and share any challenges faced in the field or feedback from the enumerators

f) Conduct back checks of 5% of all survey responses

g) Monitor data as it comes in during data collection periods and provide feedback (and respond to feedback from) the MEAC team to ensure data quality and enumerator integrity 

h) Regularly coordinate in data quality review with MEAC team members 

i) Provide a cleaned version of the data prepared for analysis (documenting all steps for replication purposes) 

j) Develop analytical reports on the data that present pivot tables and summary statistics within 2 weeks of the data finalization. 

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