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Tender for Provision of Tyres and Batteries for its Vehicles in Erbil

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Mines Advisory Group (MAG)
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This Strategy sets out how MAG will strive towards excellence in safeguarding practice. It outlines our vision, definition of safeguarding, how safeguarding relates to our values, our approach, standards and how we will implement and monitor progress. In addition and to be read in conjunction with the Strategy, there is an organisational work plan, based on recommendations from the Review of MAG’s Safeguarding Practice and Culture (conducted by GCPS Consulting between August to November 2018); enhanced requirements from donors; and reflections from across the sector throughout 2018 amidst renewal calls to raise standards around safeguarding and PSEA. 

The purpose of this policy is to prevent, deter, detect and investigate all forms of financial crime and other such irregularities whenever they are suspected, or committed against MAG. In addition, MAG reserves the right to pursue appropriate sanctions against all perpetrators of criminal activity towards the organisation, as well as seek suitable redress for any losses wherever viable.

The Financial Crime Policy applies to all MAG employees (internationally and nationally contracted including HQ), interns and volunteers, consultants, trustees, plus accompanying partners and family members of international staff. Where employees or staff are referred to in this document, these groups of people are included.

Theft: the illegal taking of someone else's property without that person's freely-given consent, with the intention of permanently depriving that person of it. Apart from the obvious theft of MAG physical assets such as computers and money, it includes:

• misappropriation of funds

• misuse of assets, including cash, stock and other assets, for example “borrowing” petty cash, use of photocopiers for private purposes

• theft from a client or supplier

• theft of intellectual property (e.g. unauthorised use of the MAG name/logo, theft of product / software designs and client data.

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