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Tender for Consultancy Services for Impact Assessment Report in Ninewa Anbar and Salah al Din Governorates

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World Vision International (WVI)
E# Iraq_procurement@wvi.org

The goal of the project is to help integrate young adults, including IDPs, returnees and host communities, back into their societies and economies, through providing alternative socioeconomic opportunities and promoting gender equality, women’s empowerment, and engaging youth in building social cohesion. A thematic intervention of providing access to safe and sustainable livelihoods opportunities, including employment through vocational training, business management and career coaching and advice, combined with cash-injection, life-skills training and apprenticeships for targeted communities. Also, the project aims to expand protection spaces for vulnerable communities' members” particularly looking at the programmatic MHPSS and PVE protection services through capacity building of local national actors. This will also be complemented by enabling and engaging local actors and communities in continuous maintain dialogue to build their capacity on dispute resolution and conflict management. 

The project capitalizes on its long experience to support the local communities to facilitate the socio- economic reintegration of the most vulnerable groups of host communities and returnees, including those that are perceived to be affiliated with ISIL and families that were forced to evacuate the IDP camps, into communities in the targeted areas in Ninewa (Til Afar/District), Anbar (Rummanah/Al Qaim district) and Salah al-Din (Baiji district). In addition to supporting the returnee families to reintegrate with community, the project aims at strengthening community resilience through community level approach intervention and preventing violence and women-centered interventions.

Output 1.: Livelihoods and economic reintegration improved for the targeted beneficiaries

Output 2: Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services (MHPSS) is provided for the 330 beneficiaries (same 330 beneficiaries under Output 1).

Output 3: Resilience building and facilitating the reintegration of returnees and preventing violent through women-specific interventions at community.

Output 4: Impact Assessment

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