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Tender for Cordaid Iraq Programs is looking for suppliers to provide the items and services shown in Annex 1 at competitive price and high quality

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Cordaid Iraq
E# MENA.Tender@cordaid.org

Cordaid Iraq Programs is looking for suppliers to provide the items and services shown in (Annex 1 )at competitive price and high quality.

General Requirements :

1. Must be registered to conduct business and in compliance with federal government tax regulations.

2. The vendor should provide KMCA corticated of all related items to delivery and would be check and submit by Health programs unite.

3. The vendor should provide Packing list and certificate of origin.

4. Expiry date of each item should be at least one year.

5. Batch number and expiry date should be written on the invoice.

6. Experience supplying International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, or large private companies will be an advantage.

7. Cordaid retains the right to reject, cancel, negotiate, amend, split and accept any offer, without consideration of the lowest offer.

8. This is an invitation to vendors and is not a promise or obligation that Cordaid will contract with suppliers through the submitted offers.

9. Relevant bid committee may request for physical samples of some items during evaluation process of bids.

10. Cordaid reserve the right to reject any officer, or all offers as it sees suitable without the obligation of providing the vendor with reason explanation

11- The quotation should also include putting logos (stickers) on boots (if possible), clothing and helmet, in accordance to instruction of client. Stickers will be provided by client (Cordaid).

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