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Tender for the Provision of Internet Services to CRS Office in Kirkuk

Company Details

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
E# iraqprocurement@crs.org

Dear Sir / Madam, 

CRS Iraq Programs is looking for Internet Service Provider to provide the items/services shown in Attachment 1 at competitive price and high quality. 

General Requirements 

1. Must be registered to conduct business and in compliance with federal government tax regulations in Iraq. 

2. The supplier cannot provide or use any items with origin in the Islamic Republic of Iran or produced by Iranian companies. 

3. Experience supplying International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, or large private companies will be an advantage. 

4. CRS retains the right to reject, cancel, negotiate, amend, split and accept any offer, without consideration of the lowest offer. 

5. This is an invitation to vendors and is not a promise or obligation that CRS will contract with suppliers through the submitted offers.

- Offers that do not meet the following will be automatically rejected regardless of price : 

1. Offers must be received before the stated deadline. 

2. Offers must include all information requested above. 

3. Unit prices must be provided for all line items. Offers that only include totals will be rejected. 

4. Bids that include mistakes in calculations within the Bill of Quantities will be excluded from competition.

5. Bids must be submitted through the email address for receiving bids. Separate bidding offers must be submitted separately. Any missing documents may cause the entire offer to be rejected. 

6. Offers must be clean & clear. The vendor should sign and stamp next to handwritten corrections or corrections made with whiteout. 

7. Offers must be complete, signed in a clear date and stamped on all pages.

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