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Tender for Provision Delivery of 14750 Hygiene kits to Duhok Camps

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Concern Worldwide
E# iraq.tender@concern.net

Concern Worldwide is an Irish International Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to the reduction of suffering and working towards the ultimate elimination of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries

With the financial assistance of multiple Donors, we intend to award a works contract for:

Provision, Delivery of 14,750 Hygiene kits to Duhok Camps  (Bersve 1, Bersve 2, Darkar, Bajet Kandala 1 and 2, Rwanga, Khanke, Kabartu 1, Kabartu 2)

Request of tender documentation

The tender dossier will be conducted using Concern Worldwide standard bidding documents, open to all qualified service providers. The Bidding Documents (in English) may be downloaded free of charge by all interested bidders from the following websites:

NCCiraq website: https://ncciraq.org/en/opportunities/for-individuals/bids-tenders   

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