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Tender for Training Electrical Transformers Workshop P 4

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United Nations Development Programme
E# mohammad.ashraf.baaser@undp.org

The main objective is to provide a training course on how to maintain, repair, inspect, test, commission, and operate power transformers. The training course will be provided to the staff of Nineveh directorates of electricity. The aim is to build staff capacity to operate, properly use, and maintain various types of electrical transformers using test instruments, tools, and equipment in the workshops. The training course must cover the following topics, but it is not limited to:

1. Transformer principles and theory

2. Transformer inspections and maintenance

3. Failures and condition monitoring of transformer

4. Transformer protection equipment

5. Transformer essential routine tests including but not limited to:

● Winding resistance test

● Transformer ratio test

● Measurement of impedance voltage/short circuit impedance and load loss (Short circuit test)

● Measurement of no-load loss and current (Open circuit test)

● Measurement of insulation resistance

● Tests on transformer tap-changer.

● Tan Delta test and polarisation Index

6. Periodic and preventive maintenance for transformers and testing equipment

7. Provide practical training with hands-on activities in the transformers workshop equipped with tools and test instruments as specified in Annex A. In the practical training, the participants will be expected to perform proper testing, maintenance, and repair for electrical transformers using the tools and test instruments as in Annex A. 

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