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Tender for the Supply of Pharmaceutical Products to the Ministry of Health Iraq

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Kurdistan Regional Government Ministry of Health (KRGMOH)
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The Ministry of Health is launching a ground-breaking project to reform the procurement of essential medicines in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), in order to ensure that citizens have access to high-quality medicines from reputable suppliers. 

In line with international best practice, the aim will be to procure medicines on behalf of the whole of the KRI for the first time, supplying drugs to the public health system at fair and competitive prices. Until now, procurement of medical supplies has been carried out separately by the Department of Health in each Governorate in the KRI. 

General Information 

1. The Contracting Authority is undertaking a procurement exercise with a view to concluding Framework Agreements for the purchase of pharmaceutical goods. The Contracting Authority is a central purchasing authority (but not itself a Purchaser) acting on behalf of a group of purchasers. 

2. The Contracting Authority now invites sealed Bids from qualified Bidders for the supply of pharmaceutical goods.

3. The Primary Procurement is divided into 229 Lots, each for the supply of a single pharmaceutical product. Each Lot will be evaluated separately. 

4. The Framework Agreements to be concluded will be multi-purchase. 

5. The Framework Agreements to be concluded will be a single supplier. 

6. For each Lot, supply will be carried out through Call-off Contracts between the Purchasers and the FA Supplier according to the Secondary Procurement process defined in the Framework Agreement. However, the conclusion of a Framework Agreement shall not impose any obligation on participating Purchasers to purchase Goods under a Call-off Contract. The conclusion of a Framework Agreement does not guarantee that a FA Supplier will be awarded a Call-off Contract. 

7. Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the Executive Regulations for implementation of Government Contracts in Kurdistan and is open to all eligible Bidders as defined in the aforementioned Regulations

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