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Tender for Infrastructure rehabilitation in the targeted location Saqlawia Jazeertul Ramadi and Sijer

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E# nataei@oxfam.org.uk

In submitting a tender, the tenderer accepts in full and without restriction the special and general conditions governing this contract as the sole basis of this tendering procedure, whatever their own conditions of sale may be. 

Tenderers are expected to carefully examine and comply with all instructions, forms, provisions, and specifications in this tender dossier. 

Failure to submit a tender containing all the required information and documentation within the specified deadline will lead to the rejection of the tender. 

The participation procedure will be carried out in two successive stages; both are to be submitted together 

1. Suppliers' application analysis 

2. Tender proposal analysis from qualifying applicants. 

Responses should be sent in an outer sealed single envelope which will contain two different envelopes corresponding to the two different sections of the tender: 

 Inside Envelope 1: “Supplier Applications” – 1 copies 

 Inside Envelope 2: “Supplier Tender Proposals” – 1 copies 

Appendix A: Technical Specifications 

Appendix B: Tenderer´s declaration 

Appendix C: Oxfam Ethical and Environmental Policy 

Appendix D: Supplier Questionnaire 

Appendix E: Price Proposal 

Appendix F: Oxfam Contract Template

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