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Rehabilitation of Salamya Water Treatment Plan in Salamya in Hamdanya District Ninawa Governorate

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CARE International
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This Invitation to Bid document contains the following:


• Cover Letter about CARE

• Section 2: Instruction to Tenderers – provide as much information as possible for clause 5 (Selection & Award Criteria)

• Section 3: CARE General remarks and special conditions/requirements

• Section 4: Pre-Qualification of Bidder

• Section 5: SERVICE PROVISION: Technical description of the bid

• Section 6: Bidding form

• Section 7: Bidding proposal 

Sections 4, 6 and 7 must be completed by the bidder.


In addition, please provide as much information as possible for the following:

• Company Registration, 

• Previous experience including reference contacts 

Datasheets/Catalogues for all provided items mentioned in the Bill of quantity (BOQ) (SUBMERSIBLE PUMP, HDPE pipes, Media Filters, Gate valve).




By submitting a bid, Bidders fully and unreservedly accept the conditions of this Invitation to Bid, which will constitute the governing of the contract as the sole basis of this tendering procedure. The tenderers are expected to read carefully and comply with all instructions, forms, contract provisions and specifications contained in this file. Failure to submit a bid containing all the required information and documentation within the specified deadline or extra remarks may result to rejection of the bid without further evaluation. 



ITB No. (Purchase Requisition No) Location Description of service

PR0000001064   Salamya in Hamdanya District, Ninawa Governorate Rehabilitation of Salamya Water Treatment Plan


1.1. Safety and Security: 

• The Bidder is responsible for the security of his personnel, equipment, and machinery required for preparing, delivering and installing the items listed in Section 5.

• CARE will not be responsible for any damages incurred by injury, damage or loss.

• The Bidder remains fully responsible, at all times, for the safety and security of his equipment and staff. In case of equipment loss or staff injury, CARE will in no case be held responsible.

1.2. Transportation and Storage

• Transport and import all items required as described in ‘SECTION 5 – Items List’ from inside or outside the country to the location of delivery is the responsibility of Bidder.

• The Bidder is responsible for any kind of checkpoint permission and/ or access letters required to transport tools and Drilling/construction items.

• The Bidder ensures the protection of the items during all transport operations.


1.3.   Field Installation / Preparation 

• All expenses for the installation of the site as well as for the store, its installation, maintenance, guarding and demolition, unloading, classification as well as the depositing of the material are the responsibility of the Contractor. 

• Any site waste shall be removed, outside the field boundaries to be disposed of in a manner defined by the project manager and Directorate of Water (DoW). 

• The Contractor shall assume full responsibility for alignment, elevation and dimension of each and all parts of the work. The Contractor shall supply labour’s materials, etc. required for setting out the reference marks and benchmarks and shall maintain them as long as required and directed. 


1.4. Compliance with standards - lack of standards


• Origins, qualities, characteristics, types, dimensions and masses, methods of marking, testing, checking and receiving materials must comply with ISO standards or standards in force in Iraq, approved or in force at the time of signing the contract.

• The Contractor must know the Iraqi "standards" and International technical rules.

• Similarly, to the extent that the Contractor applies different standards and deviates from those referenced, the bidder will be required to specify the standards adopted. CARE, in this case, reserves the right to accept or reject these standards.

• The standards and regulations referred to in this document are indicative in order to specify the quality and usual rules of resistance and performance desired.

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