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Purchasing IT Equipment

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W# http://giz.de
E# procurement.iraq@giz.de

1. The following signed and stamped documents should be sent only to the following email 

iq_quotation@giz.de , the email subject is (91163450 - Purchasing IT Equipment)

1. 91163450- Invitation to Tender (ITT).

2. 91163450- Annex A – Bidding Condition.

3. 91163450- Annex 1 - Technical specifications.

4. 91163450- Annex 2- Bid Form

5. 91163450- Annex 3 - Supplier Information Form.

The bids not delivered at the time and date may not be evaluated. 

All Annexes (A,1,2 and 3) including the ITT, must be dated, signed, and stamped otherwise the 

offer will not be considered as a responsive offer.

GIZ is not responsible for the cost of bid submission and any other relative costs.

Delivery time:

The delivery time of the goods after ordering after procurement & contracting unit must be stated. All 

ordered goods must latest be delivered at the date stated in the bid. In the event of late delivery, goods 

may not be accepted by us. 

The offer Tender Results:

If your company do not receive an order in writing within three months of expiry of the deadline of 

the offer submission your bid has not been accepted. You shall not receive separate notice to this


All quotations will be evaluated based on compliance with the established specifications

Quotation not complying with the above requirement will state as non-responsive

All quotations (Invitation to Tender Letter (ITT), Annex A, Annex1, Annex 2, and Annex 3) must be 

signed and stamped by a person or persons duly authorized to sign on behalf of the supplier, otherwise 

the offer will not be considered as a responsive offer.

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