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1st Announcement for Provision of Supplying Quartz Sand for WS2

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AL-WAHA Petroleum Company Limited
W# http://petroalwaha.com
E# ahmed.nahedh@petroalwaha.com
Tel# +964 7708330717

AL-WAHAPetroleum Company Limitedwould like toannouncethe 1stAnnouncement for Provision of Supplying Quartz Sand for WS2, the companies/offices who have enough ability and experiencewantto participate in thistender mentioned above,and to get the tenderplease send an email to the emails addressmentionedbelow withintention to participate in this tender which should include (Company/office name, tender No.and name).Note that the submission date for the proposals of this tender will beon 05thJuly2022from 09:30AM-12:00PM BaghdadTime inAhdeb OilField Site \Main gate, Al-Waha Base Camp.


Bidders should submit the following documents on the proposal submission date:The technical Proposalshould Containthe Following:


1.Submit a color copy of all company’s legal documentsas the following:

For Iraqilocal companies:

a.Color copy of the Valid ID (Ministry of Planning ID).

b.Valid Non-prevention issued from GCT.


Foreign companies: should submit a copyofallregistrationdocuments belonging totheir companyfrom their countriesin the English language, or submitcompanyregistration documents in Iraq.


Note1-Ifthe bidderdidn’t provide the documentsmentioned above or submitted invalid documents,AL-Waha shall havethe right to take anyaction accordingtothe valid Instructions and Regulations.

2.The winningcompany shallprovide the original documents before awardingthe project.

3.Submit a copy ofprevious similarwork& experience approved by theend-user.

4.The supplier should provide the Scopeof Supply(SOS) includes (materials, details, origin, and delivery duration).

5.The supplier should provide Sample.

6.The biddershould mention thedelivery durationof the required materials.

7.The technical proposalshould bein the English language.

8.The biddersshould submit a complete technical offer and a detailed explanation of therequired materials and must comply with the specifications mentioned in the scope of supply. If there are no technical details in the offerthe proposal will beconsidered technically unqualified.


Commercial Proposals Containsthe Following:1

.Unit price and thetotal price for materials including purchasing and delivery to Warehouse of Al-Waha’s Camp in AHDEB Oilfieldand

2.Quotation on USDollar only.Number andWritten


Terms and Conditions:

1.Technical, and commercial offers, should be submittedin two separatesealed and stamped envelopes, inside one big envelope sealed and stamped, and shall be submitted strictly.The project name and tendernumber should be clearonthe envelope

2.The bidders shallsubmit theProposals in the English language toAL-WAHA Kut camp.Note:If the Contractorwith the lowest price quitsthis bidding or failsto finish the work according to the contract, he is compulsoryto paythedifference amount between his price and Al-Waha'sactual price. Otherwise,the company will be inserted intoAl-Waha Company black list.

3.The tax willbe deducted from the total amount according to the Iraqi taxation law

4.Al-Waha Company would not be obliged to accept the lowest offer.

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