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1st Announcement for Provision of International Healthcare Service Project

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AL-WAHA Petroleum Company Limited would like to announce the tender for first time. All the specialist companies who have the ability and experience can participate in this tender by paying the tender fee (100$) to get the bidding documents starting from announcement date.


1. Scope of work

 ALWAHA is to seek a company who have the qualified international professional experience and can carry out International Healthcare Service Project in worldwide.

 Service hospital network covers worldwide, especially in China, Iraq, Canada, UAE and nearby countries.

 Contract duration: 2 firm years.


2. Bidder requirements:

2.1. International Company should submit copy of registration documents.

2.2 Iraq local company should submit the following documents:

A - Copy of all registration documents belonging for the Company and Color copy of Valid ID (Ministry of Planning ID or Chamber of Commerce ID), bidders commit to provide all original documents before receiving our Letter of Award.

B – Submit Non-Preventions from General Tax Office valid for 2022. 


3. The winner of the tender should pay a one-time newspaper advertising fee.

4. The bid bond shall be USD 40,000.00. 

5. If the bidder is willing to participate in this project, please submit USD100 to purchase ITB documents on or before 4:00 PM, July 25, 2022. 

6. All bidders should submit their technical proposal, commercial proposal and bid bond which sealed and stamped separately on or before 4:00 PM, July 25, 2022.

7.If any further questions, please contact chengqiming@petroalwaha.com, lixiwen@petroalwaha.com,wujie@petroalwaha.com, haneen.monam@petroalwaha.com Phone: +964 771 171 9096


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