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Mr. Tamer Nawwar
W# http://cnoociraq.com
E# TamerNawwar@cnoociraq.com
Tel# +971-50-3245664

ITT Section 1. Clause 9.0

Bid Closing Date: no later than 16:00 (Baghdad Time), on or before 12 July 2022.

ITT Section 1. Clause 4.2

The bid document purchase receipt must be received by emails to zhangzx@cnoociraq.com; ex_aiten@cnoociraq.com; ex_ahmadkina@cnoociraq.com; ex_arman@cnoociraq.com (“Contact Emails”) on or before deadline.

ITT Section 1. Clause 5

All clarification and correspondences from Tenderers must be sent to all aforementioned Tender Contact Emails with an official letter.

ITT Section 1. Clause 10.2

Bid Proposals must be delivered to Iraqi Office.

Attention: Mr. Zhang Zongxuan, Mr. Aiten Buranov, Mr. Kinan Al-jajeh, Mr. Arman Rakhmet

Address: Room 239, FOD Administrative Building, Work Base, CNOOC Camp, Missan Oil Fields, Iraq.

Tel: +964 7805215554, +964 (0) 7801892492, +964 (0) 7828800342, +964(0) 7812239045

ITT Section 1. Clause 11.1

Tenderer’s bid Proposal shall be irrevocable for a period of two hundred forty (240) calendar days (“Bid Validity Period”).

ITT Section 1. Clause 12.1

Fail to meet any of below key factors will lead to disqualification:

1) Scope of Business must be related to the scope of work of the tender.

2) Legal Entity and Qualification of Bidder.

3) Bid proposals are in properly sealed condition.

4) Bid Proposal Period of Validity shall be as required in this TENDER DATA SHEET (TDS) (aforementioned Clause 11.1).

5) Bid Bond submission.

6) Signed & Stamped Cover Letter (as per Section 2 PROPOSAL CONTENTS AND FORMS, Attachment 2A: Proposal Format of Cover Letter).

7) Price proposal is separate from Technical & Commercial proposal.

8) Tenderer should own certificates including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 of English version.

9) Tenderer should have at least 3 years experiences with supporting documents. The tenderer with overseas personnel service in oil and gas industry is preferred.

10) Tenderer should provide at least 10 qualified curriculum vitae (CV), the requirements of CV refer to item (9) of Section 3 of ITT.

ITT Section 1. Clause15.1

Bid bond: US$ 25,000.00 (US Dollars Twenty Five Thousand Only), The Bid Bond must be presented to Company in a separated and sealed envelope and duly marked and stamped on outer envelope.

The original validity of the bid bond shall be the same as aforementioned Bid Validity Period in Clause 11.1.

ITT Section 2. Clause3.6

Joint bidding is NOT accepted by Company

2. Tender Fee (100USD)

Tender Fee Amount

100 USD

Tender Fee is required only for the bidder who decides to submit Tender Proposals, and the invoice shall be received at Contact Emails before submitting Tender Proposals. Failure to do so may lead to rejection. Payment can be cash or T/T to our financial department,

For T/T payment, Tenderer must mention the tenderer name, tender number and title in the bank payment receipt, any receipt without the tenderer name, tender number and title will not be accepted.

Financial department (Contact Information for Dubai office):

Contact person: Mr. Tamer Nawwar
E-mail: TamerNawwar@cnoociraq.com
Tel: +971-50-3245664
Address: Room 3100, 7WB, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai, U.A.E
Financial department (Contact Information for Iraqi Office):

Contact person: Mr. Qassim Wajid Hashim /Mr. Hisham Abdulkareem
Tel: +9647805492468 (Mr. Qassim Wajid Hashim), +9647827200099 (Mr. Hisham Abdulkareem)
E-mail: Qassimwajid@cmitfod.com / HishamAbdulkareem@cmitfod.com
Address: CNOOC Buzurgan camp, Missan

3. This announcement is made both in English and in Arabic, if there is any discrepancy, the English version shall prevail.

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