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Jordan Awards Contract for Transportation of Iraqi Oil

Transportation awarded to Burj Al Hayat Transport and Trading Co

The Jordan Ministry of Energy has awarded a contract for the transportation of oil imports from Iraq, with Burj Al Hayat Transport and Trading Co having been selected as the winning bidder following evaluation of tender responses.

Under the deal, the company will transport 500,000 tonnes of Iraqi crude oil from Baiji in Northern Iraq to Zarqa Governorate in Northeastern Jordan, for processing by the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company.

The announcement follows a deal agreed in February between the two countries which sees Jordan importing 10,000 barrels of Iraqi crude oil from Kirkuk each day at a special disocunted rate. In return, Jordan has lowered its tariffs on Iraqi imports via the Aqaba port.

Iraq and Jordan are also close to finalizing deals for the Basa to Aqaba oil pipeline project as well as a connection between the two countries electricity grids which would see Iraq import electricity from its neighbor.

Source: Jordan Ministry of Energy


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