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Italy Grants $2.7 Million Fund for Iraq Stabilization

Funding to be allocated to the UNDP's Funding Facility for Stabilization

The Italian Government has announced a contribution of $2.7 million (2.4 million Euro's) to the UNDP to support the stabilization of communities affecting by ISIS in Iraq. 

The funding, which brings Italy's total contribution so far to $12.9 million, will be allocated to the UNDP's Funding Facility for Stabilization (FFS), which supports the re-homing of displaced Iraqi's, rehabilitation of infrastructure and services and the safeguarding against recurring extremism

Italian Ambassador to Iraq Bruno Pasquino commented on the announcement “Italy maintains its commitment in supporting Iraq’s stabilization efforts to provide basic services to the newly liberated areas... “This fourth contribution to the FFS is a testimony of the full engagement of Italy for the people of Iraq, as a qualified partner in various fields, from the provision of services to the rehabilitation of infrastructure and to the capacity-building activity in favour of the Iraqi Security Forces,”

The UNDP's FFS program has funded more than 3,100 projects across 31 liberated areas throughout Iraq, with over 95% of these projects carried out by local companies. 

Source: Reliefweb