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The oil minister congratulates the Iraqi police on the occasion of the 97th anniversary of its founding and pays tribute to its heroic role in protecting the security of the homeland and the citizen

The Iraqi police force in all their Formations and their Administrations.

Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Minister of Oil Thamer Abbas Al-Ghadhban congratulated the Iraqi police in all its forms and the internal security forces and the Energy Police on the occasion of its founding 97 on behalf of himself and on behalf of the members of the oil sector.
On the 97th anniversary of the establishment of the Iraqi Police, we offer you, the spare heroes of the Internal Security Forces, leaders, officers and officers, to congratulate you and to congratulate us on this national occasion which is dear to the hearts of all Iraqis. We congratulate the Energy Police on their leadership, officers and employees. And the oil installations deployed in the country.

Our sons have proven to be members of the Iraqi police force in all their formations and their administrations. They are the watchful eyes to protect the security of the homeland and its resources and the security of citizens through their heroic positions and courage in uncovering and fighting crime and fighting terrorist and subversive gangs that want the bad Iraqi people. The strength and support of their brothers in the armed forces and anti-terror forces and the popular crowd heroes in the face of the enemies of Iraq.

You have sacrificed blood for the liberation of the Holy Land from the desecration of terrorism, mercy, forgiveness and tenderness to the heroes of the martyrs of the internal security forces and the energy police who sacrificed for the sake of Iraq's prosperity, the preservation of its lands and the protection of its wealth. And the speedy recovery of the injured.

Every year, eyes vigilant on the welfare of citizens and security of all good.

God saved our country and our people by the efforts of its faithful sons

Source: Ministry of Oil


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