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Clarification ... OPEC and oil contracts!

False Allegations Null and void, truth or reality, and "ironic".

The Ministry of Oil is surprised by what some media outlets and websites have reported about the ministry's concluding deals and oil contracts before the ministerial meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and the outside producers in the Austrian capital "Vienna" for the period 6-7 of December 2018. These false allegations Null and void, truth or reality, and "ironic".

The Ministry of Oil confirms that the meetings held by the Organization are limited to discuss the conditions of the global oil market and the challenges faced, and actions that can be taken by producers from OPEC members or from outside, The simplest information and facts related to the oil issue, not to mention that the issue of the conclusion of oil contracts and marketing is through the Iraqi oil marketing company "Sumo" according to accurate and transparent mechanisms are announced names of companies and their nationalities per month, and do not conclude these contracts outside the context of fundamentalism and power Enin and instructions are in force.

The Ministry of Oil appeals to the media, the press, electronic news sites and all concerned parties to accurately convey and disseminate information related to the oil issue, as well as not to be dragged behind the actions of some individuals and suspicious entities that try to falsify the facts to citizens for narrow goals and interests.

The Ministry and its oil companies retain their legal, material and moral rights to all those who attempt to harm the ministry, its officials and its employees alike.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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