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Iraq PM Presents Remaining 8 Candidates for Cabinet Posts

Candidates to be voted for approval in parliament

Iraq Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has revealed the names of the candidates for the eight remaining cabinet posts.

The eight nominees are:

Faysal al-Jarba – Minister of Defense

Hanna Gorges – Minister of Immigrants and Immigration

Nouri al-Dulaimi – Minister of PlanningFalih al-Fayyadh – Minister of Interior

Qusay al-Suheil – Minister of Higher Education

Saba al-‘Tai – Minister of Education

Dara Nour-al-Din – Minister of Justice

Abdul-Amir al-Hamdani – Minister of Culture

Following the nominations, the Iraq parliament will now vote for approval of the candidates, with voting to take place on Tuesday's parliament session starting at noon.

Source: Kurdistan 24



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