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Implementing a Large Campaign to raise and Bury Dead Fish

Mechanisms dedicated to Transporting dead fish to Sanitary landfills to Preserve the Public Environment.

Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Minister of Oil Thamer Ghadhban instructed the Ministry's formations to participate in the campaign to raise dead fish in the Euphrates River in Babil Province by harnessing all the specialized equipment and equipment in this regard.

The mechanisms of the distribution companies, pipelines and central refineries under the supervision of the general managers who have been in the work sites since yesterday implemented the directives in coordination with the concerned authorities and the local administration of the province, where they raised many dead fish from the Euphrates River in Babil province, The dead fish to the waterways of the shed or watering the plants to prevent the occurrence of environmental and health pollution.

Mechanisms dedicated to transporting dead fish to sanitary landfills to preserve the public environment.

It is noteworthy that dozens of mechanisms of various types, excavators and engineering equipment participated in this effort to prevent government risks to health and the environment for citizens and the effort of the Ministry of Oil is the largest compared to the efforts of the ministries of support.

 Source: Ministry of Oil


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