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Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prepares for Boost in Oil Production Exported via Turkey

Export capacity has been raised to 1 million bpd

In anticipation of an expected uptick in oil production in Kirkurk, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has recently increased the capacity of its pipeline to Turkey by installing a new pumping station in Sheikhan.


A recent  Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) announcement indicated capacity will increase to 1 million barrels per day (bpd) up from 700,000 bpd.

In addition, the MNR have also revealed that the pipeline could "be used by the federal government to export the currently stranded oil in Kirkuk", with the Iraq Government reportedly working on a deal with the KRG to resume Kirkuk exports through the KRG pipeline to Turkey.


Production increases in the region have been helped by increases at the Tawke licence operated by DNO and Genel Energy, with regular payments to international oil companies sparking increased investment and production growth in the region.


Source: Rudaw


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