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Germany To Provide $115 Million Aid To Iraq, Syria

Funding to be allocated to support the reconstruction of damaged areas

 The German Foreign and Development Ministries have announced that they will provide 100 million euros (US$115 million) in development aid to Iraq and Syria in order to support the rebui and Deir El-Zour.lding of areas previously occupied and damaged by the Islamic State.

The organisation revealed that 90 million euros of funding will be provided through the U.N.'s Funding Facility for Stabilization for Iraq, with investment to be allocated for the restoration of electrical grids, water and sewer projects, street and bridge repairs and other infrastructure efforts. 

An additional 10 million Euros will be allocated to restore basic services in Syrian provinces of Raqqa and Deir el-Zour.

Since 2015, Germany has accommodated in excess of 1 million refugees, many from Iraq and Syria. One of the key goals for the ministries are to help stabilize damaged areas to restore services allowing many of these people to return to their homes.

Source: WRAL


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