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Iraq To Purchase American Helicopters

Purchase of five Bell 407GX helicopters approved by the U.S. State Department

The U.S. State Department has given approval to the sale of five Bell 407GX helicopters to Iraq in order to compensate the loss of seven IA407 models. The purchase is worth as estimated $82.5 million and will increase the combat effectiveness of the Iraqi Security Forces. 

A DCSA statement commented that "providing Iraq with this capability supports U.S. security goals by furthering the Iraqi Army Aviation Command's ability to counter terrorism and protect critical infrastructure."

The 407GX helicopters are an upgrade from the previous IA407 version. The newer models include the addition of the M260 launchers, which are in the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System configuration.

The principle contractors for the Foreign Military Sale are Bell, L3 WESCAM, Dillon, Tekfusion Global, Harris and Fulcrum Concepts.

Source: UPI


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