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British Envoy: Corruption Biggest Threat To Iraq Following IS Defeat

Ambassador Wilks made clear warning while commenting on UK funded education efforts in Iraq

Following the defeat of Islamic State, Jon Wilks, Britain's ambassador in Baghdad, has warned that corruption is the biggest threat to the country's future stability.

He warned that although there are still "remnants" of IS present in the country, Iraq was beginning to recover from recent war and insurgent attacks before warning that corruption, which in part caused recent protests in Basra, posed a major risk as a result of its negative impact on public confidence and business investment. 

Wilks comments came while speaking to the Evening Standard, with the newspaper travelling to Iraq to report on educational reform and integration programmes developed by the British Council. These initiatives have aimed to increase academic performance, reduce extremism and conflict to help create foundations for Iraq's economy and future prosperity. The envoy revealed his hope that these measures, along with support from the World Bank and British business investment will bring success.

Wilks added "The biggest challenge now is corruption, rather than security. It’s about enabling the government and creating space for the private sector to operate within the rule of law and avoid corruption, waste and inefficiency"

Source: Evening Standard




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