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Turkish Companies Bidding For Iraq Petroleum Tender Worth $1 Billion

Tender includes annual supply of petrol, diesel and LPG

According to the Turkish language daily, Dünya, several companies from Turkey will attend a bidding process in Iraq, with the central government planning to buy 200,000 tons of petrol and diesel every three months. In addition, the bidding process will eventually include the purchase of liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

There have been many disruptions to trade between Turkey and Iraq, mainly due to problems in Northern Iraq with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). The tender, initiated by the central government to purchase 800,000 tons of petrol and diesel annually, may support a period of revitalization in trade. With the addition of LPG to the list, the total purchase could reach $1 billion.

The oil products can be exported to Iraq through transit trade with a permit. The Turkish companies that have received a tender invitation from the Iraqi central government were expecting that the transit trade permit process would be fast-tracked, with export of petroleum products currently subject to a permit.

Source: Daily Sabah Energy


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