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SOSi Secure $5,000,000 U.S. Army Contract In Iraq

Four year contract awarded for services at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

SOS International LLC (SOSi) have announced the award of a $5 million base plus four-year contract by the U.S. Army. The contract involves the provision of human resources, accounting, and technical security assistance services to the Office of Security Cooperation at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

U.S. security assistance supports the development of a modern, accountable, fiscally sustainable, and professional Iraqi military which is capable of defending the country along with its borders. U.S. security assistance programs also promote civilian oversight of the military, adherence to the rule of law, and the respect for human rights, while simultaneously increasing the Iraqi military’s ability to respond to threats and conduct counter-terrorism operations.

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad maintains the Office of Security Cooperation to further these goals and facilitate Iraq’s role as a responsible security partner, in order to help contribute to peace and security throughout the region.

Frank Helmick, SOSi Senior Vice President of Mission Solutions Group commented “SOSi has been supporting U.S. liberalization and stabilization efforts in Iraq since 2003, we look forward to our continued relationship with the Office of Security Cooperation and State Department.”

Source: SOSi


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