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Iraq Defense Ministry’s Former Deputy General Secretary Jailed

Ziad al-Qattan sentenced to 6 years in prison on corruption charges

Ziad al-Qattan, a previous deputy general secretary of Iraq’s Ministry of Defense, has been sentenced to six years in prison for a series of offences when signing contracts with companies, causing a detriment to public finances.

The violations related to three contracts with companies that were designed to provide the ministry with military equipment and weapons. According to judge Abdulstar Bayraqtar, a spokesperson for the High Judicial Council, the third contract was valued at a total of $8,003,346 and included the construction a temporary camp for Rapid Response Division in Fallujah.

Qattan held the position during the days of the Iraqi Transitional Government from May 2005 until May 2006 and was handed over to Iraq by Jordan on the 15th of April to face trial for corruption charges. His sentencing follows the 21 years sentence handed to former trade minister of Iraq Falah al-Sudani on February 12th, also on corruption charges.

Source: Rudaw


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