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Al Fayha Precast Newsletter Sept 2018

Company newsletter 4th September 2018

AL-Fayha Newsletter

Sheikh/Marketing Dept. - Editor: Ms. Yasmin Al 2018 Sept. th 4 Issue date: 8 /201 th 20 Issue No.


1- AL-FAYHA Wins Contract with EL-SEWEDY Electric Power System Projects for the Construction of Missan

400KV/132KV Power Plant Substation in Iraq.

Al-Fayha Contributes to Oil & Gas Sector.

Our Company has recently signed agreement with El-SEWEDY

ELECTRIC for the construction of Missan 400KV/132KV. Substations

in Ammara City.

The project is one of four Projects of 400KV GIS Substations in

different Governorates in Iraq, which transmits power into 12 sites

Mobile Substations of 132KV on full turnkey basis.

Scope of Contract includes: Manufacturing, delivery, driving and

Pile Head Treatment for Precast Concrete Piles dimension

(300mmX300mm)12M, Depth 28.5ML. The Scope also includes; Pile

Test works (compression, tension, lateral and PDA and issuance of

Final Test Report.

For more information, please contact Sales & Marketing Dept.

Email: marketing.fayha@al-fayhagroup.com


2. AL-FAYHA Wins Contract with the Italian Company "Progetti Europa Global (PEG)" for the Construction of

Crude Oil Pumping Station Foundations at Fao Depot Area, Southern of Iraq.

Al-Fayha Contributes to the Oil & Gas Sector.

Our Company has recently signed Purchase Order agreement with

PEG for Engineering and Contracting Co., for the execution of

Pump Station foundation works.

The project is in its preliminary stage and the Scope of Work

includes; execution of Test Piles works: fabrication, delivery,

installation and execution of Pile Compressive test and issuance of

Test Reports.

For more information, please contact Sales & Marketing Dept.

Email: marketing.fayha@al-fayhagroup.com

3- AL-FAYHA Continues For the Construction of Transmission Reservoir and Pump Station Foundation for the


Al-Fayha Continues Supporting the Municipality Sector Development in Iraq.

Our Company is actively continuing its construction works and services

for the Water Transmission Reservoir & Pumping Station foundation

Project at Abu Saqeir Area.

A project owned by the Basra Municipality Sector for the improvement

of Basra water supply and provision of distilled pure water.

The Main Contractor is PROTECHNIQUE Co., “for multi projects &


For more information, please contact Sales & Marketing Dept.

Email: marketing.fayha@al-fayhagroup.com

4. Al-Fayha Signs Contract Owned by Basra Gas Co. (BGC) through Local Company for the Provision of

Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC).

Our Company has recently signed an agreement through local

company for the Supply of RMC at the BGC Compound project site.

The Scope of Work includes; (supply, delivery and pumping of RMC

in different grades of Compressive Strengths: - (C-15; & C-25).

The Client is BGC.

For more information, please contact Sales & Marketing Dept.

Email: marketing.fayha@al-fayhagroup.com

Training For Emergency Evacuation Response - Live Application


Under the supervision and guidance of Al-Fayha Safety Department, Live Application Training for

Emergency Evacuation Response was held on 2nd August 2018. This training was one of its first type

held in Al-Fayha Factory Premises, and it was successfully concluded in coordination with Al-Fayha

Administration along with all other concerned departments. The trainees were from different departments

related with Fayha Precast Concrete Fabrication Factory, namely; (PC Factory staff, Maintenance Section staff,

Machineries Section and QC staff, etc..), during the training session, they have showed alerted attitude and

eagerness to take part in the live application for Emergency Evacuation Response Training, where after hearing

the warning tone for Emergency Evacuation, all the staff have gathered to the Assembly Point that was previously instructed to them, then somebody

shouted Fire!!!! Fire!!!! Fire!!!! Hence, One of the Safety Team Instructor conducted his instruction to staff to keep calm, and to avoid any Over-

flowing & Over-crowding towards the Emergency Exit gates. All trainees have adhered to the instructions and guidance given to them in the live

application performance. The training goals were successfully achieved.


Goals of the Training:

1. To Train staff how to deal with the event of fire situation.

2. To give basic knowledge of Evacuation process and Emergency Exit


3. To make them familiar with the evacuation channels and Exit gates in

the event of fire and to avoid placing any obstacles that can block the

evacuation process.

4. To determine the responsibilities and rotations for Emergency cases.

5. Introduce how to maintain the Emergency Device and to ensure its

proper function by the Factory Management Team.

6. To introduce the Emergency numbers and how to promptly call upon

the occurrence of any incident.

7. To introduce how to immediately deal with First Aid assistance if

anyone of the staff gets injured.

8. To introduce and put in practice staff running to the Gathering Point

upon happening any incident and Exit gates, in order to ensure that no

one is remained in the incident place.



Our Company is committed to comply with the International “HSE" & Environmental: Standards and Principles,

While it also safeguards the National “HSE Rules & Regulations” adaptation of the Country.

Through this commitment, we were awarded the International ISO Certificates OHSAS 18001:2007 for HSE

& ISO 14001:2004 for Environment.

On the basis of this achievement, our Company declares its HSE Policy through “Publication and

Awareness” trainings, which are systematically and periodically conducted by our Safety Department Team.

Al-Fayha HSE MOTTO is


by giving priority to the rules and principles of HSE throughout all its work performance and services. Our Company

Develops HSE programs and applies the best Safety Procedures throughout its workers and services performance. Al-Fayha is also committed to safeguard and

comply with all HSE requirement and to find out appropriate solutions to the Environmental impacts related in its field of work.


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