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University of Glasgow To Preserve Archaeological Sites In Iraq

UK Government funding in excess of £300,000 granted for the project

A team of Scottish-based experts from the University of Glasgow have received funding of more than £300,000 from the UK Government towards a heritage project to preserve archaeological sites up to 10,000 years old in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

UK ministers have announced the funding from the Cultural Protection Fund which supports the conservation of international cultural heritage sites which are threatened by conflict throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

The Glasgow team will utilise satellite and aerial technology to document and monitor the damage in Garmian region, before providing a recommendation on how the site should be best preserved. In addition, the team will provide training for local archaeologists and work with teachers in the area to highlight cultural heritage as part of classroom education.

The Garmian region suffered damage during the Iran-Iraq war and under Saddam Hussein's regime in the 1990s, but still contains key artefacts from ancient Mesopotamia's civilisations, .

UK Heritage Minister Michael Ellis commented at the announcement of the funding: "These sites tell the story of human history and show how our early ancestors first farmed and cultivated food. Their protection is therefore not only important to Kurdistan, but to all of humankind.

Source: Glasgow Live


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