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The Ministry of Oil Declares the Oil Exports for July 2018.

The Ministry of Oil Declared the Primary Statistics of the Exported Crude Oil and the outcome for July 2018 According to the Statistics of SOMO Company

The ministry of oil declared the primary statistics of the exported crude oil and the outcome for July 2018 according to the statistics of SOMO Company.

   The oil exports for July was (109,847,268) barrels, while the outcome was (7,597,348,000) dollars.

   Mr. Assim Jihad the spokesman of the ministry of oil said that the exportation of the produced oil from the middle & south of Iraq for July was (109,847,268) barrels. And the outcome was (7,597,348,000) dollars. While there was no registration from Kirkuk.

   He said also that the daily exportation average was (3,543,000) barrels. While the oil price was (69) dollars and (163) cents.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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