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Iraq Project to Rebuild Ezidi Shrines and Services in Shingal District

Project with the Ministry of Construction and Housing

The Ministry of Construction and Housing in Iraq has outlined a plan to rebuild Ezidi shrines, administrative headquarters, and roads in Nineveh Province’s city of Sinjar (Shingal).

In a statement last week the MoCH have revealed that the rebuilding process will now begin “in the center and the outskirts of Shingal District to restore life and services to citizens.”

The Islamic State overran the area in 2014 and destroyed many Ezidi shrines and other historical sites, while battles to remove the group from the area have also left many parts of the area in rubble.

According to the MoCH, services to be regenerated include the opening of roads, cleaning up waste, clearing rubble, the reconstruction of Ezidi shrines located in Shingal Mountain along with the installation of staff in governmental offices.

Source: Kurdistan 24


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