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The Ministry of Oil Sighs the Initial Contract Form to Develop 6 Exploration Blocks.

The Minister of Oil Signs the Initial form of the Contracts to Develop 6 Exploration Blocks at Sunday & Monday the 3rd & 4th of June 2018.

By the presence of Mr. Jabbar Ali Al-Luiebi the minister of oil… the ministry of oil signs the initial form of the contracts to develop 6 exploration blocks at Sunday & Monday the 3rd & 4th of June 2018.

   Mr. Assim Jihad the spokesman of the ministry of oil said that the petroleum contracts & licensing directorate will sign the contracts with Al-Hilal Oil Company at Sunday the 3rd to develop the exploration blocks of (Klabat- Gumar), (Khashm Al- Ahmar - Injana) and (Khudr Al-Mai). He said also that the directorate will sign at Monday the 4th the contract with (JEO- JADE) Chinese Company to develop the exploration blocks of (Naft Khana) and (Howaiza), in addition to the contract to develop the exploration block of (Sindbad) with (UEG) Chinese Company.

   It is worthy to say that the ministry of oil organized a licensing round at the 26th of April to develop (11) onshore & offshore exploration blocks. The round resulted the awarding of (6) blocks for the rehabilitation which are (Klabat, Khashm Al-Ahmar, Injana in Diala governorate and Khudhr Al-May in Basrah governorate) to Crescent Al-Hilal Emirati Company. In addition to (Naft Khana block in Diala and Howaiza block in Maysan) which was awarded to (JEO JADE) Chinese Company. And (Sindbad) block in Basrah governorate which was awarded to (UEG) Chinese Company.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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