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Mitsubishi Secure Port Construction Contract

Basra port rehabilitation contract valued at $110million

Mitsubishi Corporation have been awarded a contract for a Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) financed port rehabilitation in the Southern Iraqi region of Basra.

The project is valued at $110million and will be carried out by the Japanese giant, along with many international subcontractors, including Calik Enerji - a Turkish energy infrastructure provider and Gap Insaat - a Turkish construction firm.

Mitsubishi will serve as the main contractor for the project which aims to expand the oil products berth at Khor Al-Zubair Port and construct a new service berth for ships and boats at Umm Qasr Port. 

This rehabilitation project will be crucial to allow the country to facilitate an increase in trade and the subsequent demand for increased port infrastructure.  New construction to improve the existing infrastructure will also contribute to further stabilizing the country's economy as post-war reconstruction continues to grow. 

It is expected that Mitsubishi will continue to play a major role to support Iraq's reconstruction effort, particularly in Japanese Government funded projects.

Source: Oil & Gas Technology


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