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The Ministry of Oil Signs a Contract with BP to Develop Kirkuk Fields.

The Signature that the Decline of Oil Production from Kirkuk Fields Because of the Circumstances & Challenges which faced the Governorate Forced us to Re- assess the Fields & Oil Facilities

The ministry of oil declared the signature of a contract with BP international company to develop the oil fields of Kirkuk governorate.

   Mr. Jabbar Al- Luiebi the minister of oil confirmed on the keenness of the ministry to develop the fields of Kirkuk and improve its oil industry.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said during the ceremony of the signature that the decline of oil production from Kirkuk fields because of the circumstances & challenges which faced the governorate forced us to re- assess the fields & oil facilities to fix them technically according to the new future vision and by depending on the new technology “which will be done by BP”.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said also that the company will also make the appropriate solutions to invest the flare gas which is associated with the oil extraction to support the local need for it.

   Mr. Michael Townsend the regional president of BP praised the bilateral cooperation with the ministry of oil to develop the oil fields. he said also that his company will “according to the contract” make an overhaul assess for the oil fields to put the appropriate solutions for the technical problems and make the appropriate treatments. It will also develop and improve the technical & production performance of the oil fields and facilities.

  In relation with the main objectives of the contract… Mr. Assim Jihad the spokesman of the ministry said that the aim behind the contract is to assess the fields and put the necessary plans to increase their production. He said also that BP will do the geological & technical survey and make the technical, scientific overhaul assess for the fields, wells, facilities and pipelines to put the appropriate solutions to fix the problems, increase the production and invest the flare gas perfectly.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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