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Iranian Companies Encouraged To Invest In Iraq

Iraq considered a very profitable option for Iranian investors

Nasser Behzad, Iran's commercial attache in Baghdad believes that many economic players who are interested in investing and developing their business outwith Iran do not have accurate information on the attractive opportunities on offer to them in Iraq.

“Considering the neighboring country’s strategic position, Iraq features important ports and airports, and has the capability to play a stable role in undertaking distribution at low costs,” he commented.

Behzad also highlighted that the Iraqi government has introduced a number of investment opportunities for projects with the aim of promoting the country’s reconstruction, IRNA reported.

The Iraqi government his seeking investment for a reported list of over 150 projects. These projects include rebuilding damaged and destroyed buildings, for example Mosul airport. There are also projects designed to diversify the economy away from its crude oil reliance, development of transport links, agriculture and oil-related industries, including petrochemicals and refining.

Source: Financial Tribune

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