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The Minister of Oil Declares the Operation of Seeba Gas Field 25 100 MSCF Day.

The Minister of Oil was Grateful to the Efforts of the Oil Workers by Cooperation with Kuwait Energy Company and Tpao Turkish Company

The minister of oil opened the central gas production station of Seeba gas field in Basrah governorate to start the first commercial production with a capacity of 25 MSCF/ day.

   The minister said that the ministry of oil have achieved a qualitative accomplishment in the gas sector according to the planned targets to invest the hydrocarbon wealth perfectly. And the achieved production from the field is a primary production until the maximum production which is (100) MSCF/day within the end of 2018.

   The minister said also that the project will add more quantities of dry gas to the national production which will be supplied to the power stations, in addition to the production of (1200) barrels/ day of liquid gas and (19000) barrels/ day of condensed gas. He said also that this project is a real start to invest the gas from the other fields “according to our ambitious plans” by cooperation with the international companies, in order to achieve the goals and make Iraq as one of the gas producer & exporter countries.

   The minister said that the field will be operated by its power stations and not the national electricity.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi the minister of oil was grateful to the efforts of the oil workers by cooperation with Kuwait Energy Company and Tpao Turkish Company, as well as the supporting authorities whom could make the long years dream true and make it a tangible reality by starting the production from Seeba field which is one of the important borderline fields.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said also that the ministry of oil committed the contractor companies to train and rehabilitate the workers and provide the appropriate work environment, in addition to providing the jobs to the people of Basrah governorate, and the execution of more than (28) social service projects.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said that the ministry of oil have achieved a great progress to speed-up the development of the oil & gas fields and develop the refining & infrastructure sectors. In addition to the sector of the flare gas. By raising the investment to (60%). And the work is progressing to invest the rest quantities and stop the gas flaring completely during the next few years by contracting with the well-known international companies. Such as the contracts of Nahr ben-Oman and the contract of gas investment in Nasiriya & Gharraf fields. As well as the investment of gas in the fields of Maysan, to make Iraq an exporter country to this type of energy instead of the wasting which lasted for many decades.

   Mr. Assim Jihad the spokesman of the ministry of oil said that the field was discovered in (1967), while the first well (Seeba 1) and then (Seeba 2) was drilled in (1972) until the stoppage of development in (1993) after the drilling of (Seeba 3) well which was considered as out of the formation. The work in the field re-started again in 2011 after awarding it to Kuwait Energy during the 3rd licensing round. The rehabilitation process included many stages by removing the land mines, the shells and war debris and cleaning the field by depending on the national effort. Then the oil exploration company started the 3d seismic survey “which is a national effort too”. And the field reserve is estimated with (1.5) trillion cubic feet.

   Mr. Jihad said also that the field is the first gas field starts the production and the first field contains natural gas as a hydrocarbon formation inside the earth. Which is not a flare gas investment. The field is also one of the most important gas fields in Iraq in addition to Akkas field in Anbar governorate and Mansoriya in Diala governorate.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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