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The Minister of Oil: The importation of Diesel will be Stopped Because Iraq Produces it.

The Ministry of Oil is to Reduce the Importation to (50%) Which Depends on the Consumption of the Ministry of Electricity to Generate Power and Supply the Citizens.

 The minister of oil declared that the ministry of oil have taken a decision to stop importing the diesel for May 2018 for the first time since 2003.

   The devoted employees of the refining sector have achieved a high production average for this April which was (17894) cubic meters and this achievement will save the currency which was being spent on the importation of this type of fuel.

   Mr. Jabbar Ali Al-Luiebi the minister of oil said in his telegram to Dr. Hayder Al-Abadi the Iraqi prime minister that the high production average for the last March was (17158) cubic meters, which was higher than the consumption. While the reserve capacity elevated also to (360000) cubic meters, synchronized with the elevation of the production after the events of 2014 and the terrorist sabotage which stopped the production. The devoted faithful workers also succeeded to add (500- 600) thousand barrels / day to the Iraqi daily production.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said also that the ambition of the ministry of oil is to reduce the importation to (50%) which depends on the consumption of the ministry of electricity to generate power and supply the citizens. He said also that the ministry of oil was able to provide the diesel in-spite of the stoppage of Baiji (Al-Sumood) refinery by importing it in order to operate the power stations of the ministry of electricity, as well as to supply the private electric generators in addition to the  public & private sector factories.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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