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The Minister of Oil Declares the Rehabilitation and Operation of Hammam Al Aleel Depot.

The Largest Depots which can ensure the Strategic Reserve of the Oil Derivatives for Ninawa, as well as the Northern Zone and the Western Zone.

The minister of oil said declared for the accomplishment of rehabilitation of Hammam Al-Aleel depot in Ninawa governorate by the national efforts with a capacity of (75) million barrels/ day.

   The depot of Hammam Al-Aleel is considered as one of the largest depots which can ensure the strategic reserve of the oil derivatives for Ninawa, as well as the northern zone and the western zone.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said that the depot will be capable of storing (75) million liters of oil derivatives, as (60) million liters of gas oil and (15) million liters of kerosene. He said also that the national staff have built (2) reservoirs, each one of them is capable of containing (1.5) million liters of gasoline, and these reservoirs are supposed to be used at the end of April.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said that the national staff of the oil pipelines company and the supporting authorities of the oil products distribution company, the heavy engineering equipment state company and the oil projects company have finished the rehabilitation of the depot and started the operation in a record time, by depending on the available capabilities, after the sabotage which was caused by the terrorist gangs during the last few years.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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