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The Minister of Oil Meets with the Russian Deputy Minister of Energy

The Russian Companies to Participate Actively in the Competition on the Projects which was Offered by the Ministry for Investment to Develop the Exploration Blocks and the Other Sectors.

Mr. Jabbar Ali Al-Luiebi the minister of oil met with Mr. Kirill Malutsof the Russian deputy minister of energy and his entourage after his arrival to Baghdad at Sunday the 8th of April.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi confirmed on the keenness of Iraq to strengthen the relations with Russia “especially in the oil & gas sector”, as well as the keenness of the ministry of oil to increase the bilateral cooperation with the Russian ministry of energy. While there are many Russian companies works’ in many oil fields to develop them.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said that the ministry of oil is working on to provide all the requirements to execute the plans and programs to develop the oil fields which the Russian companies are working in, to achieve the agreed on goals “according to the contracts to raise the production according to the plan”.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi demanded (Lukoil & Gazprom) Companies to keep on working strongly, firmly and clearly to achieve the required production targets. He also said that the ministry is keen to prepare the appropriate work environment.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi called the Russian Companies to participate actively in the competition on the projects which was offered by the ministry for investment to develop the exploration blocks and the other sectors. He also said that the future of the energy in Iraq is promising because Iraq has huge hydrocarbon sources.

   Mr. Malutsof praised the bilateral cooperation between Iraq and Russia and confirmed that the Russian companies are working hard to develop the oil fields which they are working there “especially West Qurna/2 in Basrah governorate and Badra in Wasit governorate”.

   Mr. Sergei Karviev the CEO of Gazprom and Mr. Kati Al-Juboori the CEO of Lukoil Mid East “whom was present d the meeting” reviewed the planned programs of the oil average in Badra & West Qurna/2 fields, as well as the work plans and suggestions for the next period.

   It is worthy to say that the deputy minister for extraction, the director general of the midland oil company and other responsible officials of the ministry was present during the meeting.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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