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The Oil Ministry Signs Contract with Baker Hughes to Invest Flare Gas in Gharraf and Nasirya

While Baker Hughes “Which is one of the important parts of GE International” Will Invest the Flare Gas of Gharraf & Nasiriya.

The ministry of oil celebrated for the signature of the contract with Baker Hughes / General Electric International to invest the flare gas of Nasiriya & Gharraf oil fields with a capacity of 200 MSCF/ day.

   The celebration was also attended by the deputies of the ministry, the inspector general, the directors general, the responsible officials of the ministry and the media.

      Mr. Jabbar Ali Al-Luiebi the minister of oil said that the ministry of oil have achieved a significant accomplishment which puts Iraq on the beginning of a new stage to invest the associated gas with the oil extraction perfectly. This accomplishment was done thanks for the national faithful efforts whom are working for Iraq and the future of its citizens.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said also that this contract represents a significant addition to the gas sector in Thi-Qar governorate in special and Iraq in general. While Baker Hughes “which is one of the important parts of GE International” will invest the flare gas of Gharraf & Nasiriya. The production will reach 200 MSCF/ day via the development of the fields by depending on the newest equipment and advanced technology in the world.

   He said also that the project will provide more than (1000) tons of liquid gas, more than (900) cubic meters of the condensed gas and more than (500) jobs. Mr. Al-Luiebi said also: “we ordered to build residential and recreational complexes, in addition to the services which must be presented to the citizens of Thi-Qar”. He said also that this contract will not be the last one, because there are many projects to develop the oil industry, invest the national wealth perfectly and raise the outcome to support the national economy.

   Mr. Rami Kassim the manager of Baker Hughes / General Electric in the Middle East and North Africa said that this project is considered as the first of its kind to be built according to the engineering, purchase, construction and Funding (EPCF). The integrated natural gas complex in Nasiriya will be developed and expanded to be a complete natural liquid gas  facility (NGL) capable of investing (200) MSCF/ day of dry gas, liquid gas and condensed gas. The project will also support the power station which is operated by the dry gas to generate power more efficiently. It will also decrease the gas flaring in Nasiriya and Gharraf, and provide jobs.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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