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The Ministry of Oil Declares for 11 Exploration Blocks to be Developed and Rehabilitated.

The Exploration Blocks Which was Offered by the Ministry for Rehabilitation & Development During the Conference Included the Borderline Blocks Between Iraq & “the Neighbor Kuwait

   The ministry of oil declared at Thursday the 29th of March 2018 for the (11) exploration blocks to be rehabilitated and developed by the new service contracts.

   The petroleum contracts & licensing directorate in the ministry of oil held a promotional conference by the presence of the deputies of the minister, the consultants and the directors general of the ministry of oil.

   Mr. Kareem Hattab Jaafar the deputy minister for up-streaming said that the exploration blocks which was offered by the ministry for rehabilitation & development during the conference included the borderline blocks between Iraq & “the neighbor Kuwait” which are (Khudr Al-Mai, Sanam and Faw), in addition to one offshore block in the Gulf. And the borderline blocks between Iraq and “the neighbor Iran” which are “Sindbad, Huwaiza, Shihabi, Zurbatia and Nift Khana”. In addition to two blocks in Diala governorate which are (Klabat and Khashm Al-Ahmar).  

   Mr. Abd Al-Mahdi Al-Ameedi the director general of the petroleum contracts & licensing directorate said that the ministry of oil presented during the conference a detailed explanation to the qualified companies whom purchased the data portfolios. The presentation included a detailed explanation about the key features of the contract and the modifications. He said also that the formula of the contracts will be “service contract with simple modifications”. The presentation included also the technical data of the (11) blocks.

   Mr. Al-Ameedi said also that “according to the contract”, the companies will present their offers to the ministry at the 15th of April 2018.

    It is worthy to say that the new round includes (11) exploration blocks on the border between Iraq, Iran and Kuwait. And (13) international companies have purchased the data portfolios, in addition to other (3) companies intending to buy data portfolios to become (16) companies, out of (26) multinational companies “two of them are Arabic” qualified to participate and compete.


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