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The Minister of Oil Opens the West Qurna 1 Wet Oil Treatment Unit.

The Project was Accomplished According to High Standards and it Offered a Field Rehabilitation & training for the National Staff to Gain New Expertise

Mr. Jabbar Ali Al-Luiebi the minister of oil opened the wet oil treatment unit in the 6th gas insulation unit in West Qurna /1 field with capacity of 50 thousand barrels/ day.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi confirmed on the keenness of the ministry to raise the production from the oil fields via the projects which will be executed by cooperation with the global companies or the national effort.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said that this project is considered as a pride for the oil industry. It was also finished in a record time to raise and qualify the production from the field. He said also that this project will contrib
ute to restart 15 wells shut because of water. And it will add 20 thousand barrels to increase the total capacity of the station to 160 thousand barrels/ day.

   Mr. Zun Roiner the representative of Exxon Mobil Company said that this unit will contribute to raise the production and the exportation capacity of Iraq. He said also that the project was done during 2 million no stoppable work hours by depending on Cepek Company. Mr. Roiner said also that the project’s cost was 10% less than the planned cost, and it is one of 4 projects to raise the production to higher levels.

   Mr. Hassan Mohammed the head of the joint administration committee of West Qurna/ 1 field said that the project was done three months before the estimated time which is a record time, and will contribute positively to raise the production of the field during this year. The project was accomplished according to high standards and it offered a field rehabilitation & training for the national staff to gain new expertise. Mr. Mohammed said also that the ministry is going to open the 7th wet oil treatment unit soon.

   It is worthy to say that the opening celebration was attended by the inspector general of the ministry of oil, the directors general of the ministry, the responsible officials, the workers of the ministry and the media.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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