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Oil Exports In Kurdistan Drop 44,000 Bpd In August

The problem was caused on the Turkish side of the pipeline from Kurdistan

Oil exports in Kurdistan dropped 44,000 barrels per day (bpd) in August to an average of 472,832 bpd.

This was caused due to disruption in the pipeline to Turkey.

The KRG said it was down for 9 days due to events in Turkey.

The pipeline, which is the autonomous region's main economic lifeline, has been repeatedly sabotaged since the end of July, when a ceasefire between Turkey and militants from the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) broke down.

The KRG has blamed "organised gangs" linked with the PKK for the sabotage, which it said
Exports via the pipeline to Turkey have steadily increased this year, but the Kurds began cutting allocations to Iraq's state oil marketing firm SOMO in June to increase their own independent crude sales.

That has effectively undone a deal reached last November whereby the Kurds agreed to transfer an average of 550,000 bpd to SOMO in 2015 in exchange for the full reinstatement of budget payments from Baghdad.


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