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The Oil Ministry Signs a Contract to Build a Refinery in Kirkuk Produces 70 Thousand B D.

The Ministry of Oil is “Fixing a New Brick” to Start the Projects of Investment in the Refining Sector to Increase The National Production of the Oil Products via the Projects & Strategic plans

By the presence of Mr. Jabbar Ali Hussein Al-Luiebi the minister of oil… the ministry of oil signed a contract with Rania international company to build Kirkuk refinery to produce (70) thousand barrels/ day.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said that the construction of the refinery represents the first step to invest in the refining sector and produce enough oil products to cover all the local need in Kirkuk and the nearby governorates.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said also that the project is a part of the plan of the ministry of oil to cover the local need of the oil products and export the surplus. He said also that the signature of this contract is synchronized with the efforts of the ministry of oil to develop the oil industry in Kirkuk, execute many development projects, rehabilitate the oil fields, facilities and infrastructure, and extend the oil pipelines.

   Mr. Deyaa Jaafar the counselor of the ministry said that the ministry of oil is “fixing a new brick” to start the projects of investment in the refining sector to increase the national production of the oil products via the projects & strategic plans to build many investment refineries in the governorates of Ninawa, Anbar and Thi-Qar, and other refineries to achieve more financial outcome to the federal budget of Iraq.

   Mr. Kassim Abd Al-Rahman the director general of the north refineries company said that Kirkuk refinery is an advanced one and all the preparations to this projects was done according to the latest international standards, to ensure the supply of the oil products with high qualities, such as the high octane gasoline and the other products.

   Mr. Jalal Haj Ahmed the manager of Rania Company said “we will build the refinery according to the international standards and we will be committed with the time table to operate the refinery”.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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