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Mr. Al Luiebi: we are Keen to Provide the Perfect Environment for the Global Investments

The Ministry of Oil Declared For Many Projects in the Sectors of Extraction, Refining, Gas Investment and the Pipeline Extension. In addition to the Invitation of the Global Companies

The minister of oil confirmed on the keenness of Iraq to provide the appropriate work environment to attract the global investments in the oil and energy sector.

   Mr. Jabbar Ali Hussein Al-Luiebi the minister of oil said during his meeting with Mr. Alistair Burt the British Minister of State for Middle East Affairs in the foreign ministry and the international development ministry… that Iraq is working on to achieve the perfect cooperation with the global companies which works in the oil sector, to develop this industry and invest the national wealth perfectly. As well as to transform the flare gas into a useful energy and raise the infrastructure projects in all the country. He said also “in-spite of the economic & security challenges… we have achieve during the last period a big progress in the projects execution and the oil & gas production”.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said also that the ministry of oil declared for many projects in the sectors of extraction, refining, gas investment and the pipeline extension. In addition to the invitation of the global companies “such as the British companies”.

   Mr. Peart confirmed on the keenness of his country and the British companies to enforce the cooperation and increase the participation of the British companies in the Iraqi oil & energy sector. 

   It is worthy to say that the meeting was attended also by the Iraqi & British ambassadors. And Iraq participates in the annual conference for energy in the Middle East and Africa which is organized by the royal institute for the international affairs in London. 

Source: Ministry of Oil


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