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By a Government Decision Dhi Qar Textile Factories Become a Formal Factory

The Textile Factory of Dhi Qar, Which Includes Three Plants, was Previously Affiliated to the Woolen Textile Factory in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

By a decision of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, the textile factories of Dhi Qar were transferred to the textile factory of the province, which gives great impetus to the direction of national industry, according to those who maintain it.

“On the occasion of obtaining approval to change the classification of Dhi Qar textile factories to a factory, this is a great motivation for the plant to develop and represent the province as the best representation,” said Hussein Ali, director of the Dhi Qar leather factory.
Ahmed Al Kaabi, General Manager of the General Company for Textiles and Leather Industries, said: “All the officials in this dear province are committed to balancing and moving towards national industry.”
The textile factory of Dhi Qar, which includes three plants, was previously affiliated to the woolen textile factory in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.



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