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Kuwait proposes a solution to the electricity crisis in Basra

The Kuwait Initiative to link the Iraqi System in the Gulf, Considering it a Positive Step Towards Achieving Cooperation in the Electricity Sector,

A Kuwaiti delegation from the Ministry of Electricity and Water on Thursday in the province of Basra with the Iraqi side of the issue of linking the Gulf electrical system across Kuwait to the system of Iraq, which suffers from power outages.
Jassim al-Nouri, assistant undersecretary for transport networks in the Ministry of Electricity and Water and head of the Kuwaiti delegation, said the link would have technical and economic benefits because it is one of the economic tributaries of the GCC countries.

For his part, the governor of Basra, As’ad al-Eidani, the Kuwait initiative to link the Iraqi system in the Gulf, considering it a positive step towards achieving cooperation in the electricity sector, which helps stabilize the electricity sector in Iraq.
And linking the electricity system in the Gulf of Iraq to pave the link with Turkey and later with Europe, and is a solution to the problem of power outages in Iraq. The project of interconnection between the GCC countries comes in line with the decision of the Supreme Council of the GCC States in its 16th session held in Muscat in 1995.



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