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Najaf province to complete 40 investment projects

“The number of Projects Completed so far Reached 40 Projects in Different Sectors, While There are 130 Projects Have Reached Different Completion Rates, and it is Hoped That The Next Three Months

Najaf Investment Authority announced on Wednesday the completion of 40 investment projects in different sectors.
“The number of projects completed so far reached 40 projects in different sectors, while there are 130 projects have reached different completion rates, and it is hoped that the next three months will see the implementation of 10 investment projects,” said Dr. Dargham Hadi Kiko.
He pointed to the status of the Commission a strategic plan for investment started from 2017 to 2022, and focused on residential projects, where it is hoped to achieve 20 thousand housing units by 2020, and in 2025 will be completed 10 thousand other housing units, noting the completion of the study showed the need of the province To create 1,000 housing units annually.
With regard to the dilapidated projects, Kiko pointed out to the withdrawal of the Authority 30 investment licenses for low projects and imposed fines and gave warnings to other projects according to the mechanisms of the investment law, while facilitating the procedures of granting investment license, if the investor completed all the requirements of the project, it gives leave in 21 days.
He called on the government to allocate the necessary funds for the delivery of services and infrastructure to investment projects, especially residential ones, noting that there are investment residential complexes under completion north of the province, waiting for the delivery of services and infrastructure to be an integrated complexes area provides a large number of housing units for citizens.



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